Discipline Boot Camp

We at Masada Eco Farm has identified the everyday pressure  under which our youth is having to cope everyday.

Factors such as bad influences, poverty, drug & alcohol abuse, mental & physical abuse, bullying, molestation and more  – all these aspects in life is an unfortunate reality that a very large percentage of our youth have to face from day to day, whether it as at school, home or where ever they go, they stand a chance to face of have faced or are facing these challenges.

Therefore we have partnered up with Commander Mmadi who is also serves as a police officers with the South African Police Service and his team where we host monthly Discipline Boot Camps for our youth.

Commander Mmadi and his team runs a Non Profit Organisation whereby they collect funds to enable them to host these programs at our venue where by identify and select youth to join the camp whereby they not only obtain physical boot camp activities, but we also have Motivational Lectures and well as Leadership Skills programs that we run with them during their say with us.

Our aim is to uplift our youth and teach them discipline and respect for themselves and others, but also motivate them and teach them good leadership skills.

These programs are also open to schools, churches, outreach programs and parents who are interested to have their children join one of these camps.